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Unholy Alliance by kaleidopy PG-13
This was written to fit into the Ordinary People universe, a parallel world...
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Hard to believe that it has been several years since I last wrote a complete story or even worse, finished one that I started. As soon as I get this archive up and running, I will be writing again.


I want to thank everyone who has supported me over the years, and one of the first stories I plan to finish is Judgment, followed shortly with.....stayed tuned to find out more.


-- on May 05, 2018 10:28 am 0 Comments

Welcome, I'm Kaleidopy. Here you will find my personal repository of fanfiction. Whether you are looking for a specific story or just browsing. I hope you enjoy what you read. Since Yahoo does not play nice with this software, some features, (emailing writer,) might not work and an error message will appear. It's a software glitch that I can not correct. I'm working on a work-around for the problem.


For those looking for the KFTLC archive -- it's here, but only temporary. Due to missing stories and chapters, it's currently in a hit and miss stage. I am trying to fix what I can. In the near future, the plan is to move the entire website to a different server.


Most Recent
Judgment by kaleidopy PG-13
Before her death, Laura demanded a sacred vow from Caine. Now, decades later, Laura's worst nightmare has materialized and Caine is forced to use drastic measures to honor his wife's last dying wish.

Blue Devil by kaleidopy R
After Peter gains an unwanted secret admirer, he becomes the target of merciless teasing and gossip.  In the meantime, the 101st welcomes an experienced detective - one, much to Strenlich's chagrin, isn't a fan of his college alma mater.. 

A Family Divided by kaleidopy PG-13

Following the aftermath, relationships are strained and regrets are made, but nothing can prepare the X-Men for what comes next.

Thicker than Water by kaleidopy PG-13
When Caine is feared kidnapped, family members and friends reunite to learn the truth while dealing with issues and secrets of the past.

Gondor's Rejuvenation by kaleidopy PG
With the war over, resentment builds towards the newcomers.

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