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Do you want NC-17 stories archived on the website?
January 16, 2011February 05, 2011
Since everyone is on Facebook, would you like for Fan Fiction Writers to have its own Facebook page?
July 01, 2010August 08, 2010
Do you prefer Slash stories to be listed by:September 08, 2009October 11, 2009
Membership is growing, unfortunately so are spammers.  Should we change our registration policies, and if so, how?October 04, 2008November 23, 2008

Do you support Fan Fiction Writers hosting its own annual fandom awards?  The FFWA? (Fan Fiction Writers Awards)


September 05, 2008October 04, 2008
As a reader or writer, how do you feel about the practice of reviewing stories? Should the website stop the practice?February 16, 2008March 20, 2008
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