Welcome, I'm Kaleidopy. Here you will find my personal repository of fanfiction. Whether you are looking for a specific story or just browsing. I hope you enjoy what you read. Since Yahoo does not play nice with this software, some features, (emailing writer,) might not work and an error message will appear. It's a software glitch that I can not correct. I'm working on a work-around for the problem.


For those looking for Fan Fiction Writers, sorry to say, it as well as the KFTLC archive will not be returning. Due to corrupted databases along with their backups, too many stories, chapters, etc are missing and or destroyed. Several attempts to recover the files have failed.


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Hard to believe that it has been several years since I last wrote a complete story or even worse, finished one that I started. As soon as I get this archive up and running, I will be writing again.


I want to thank everyone who has supported me over the years, and one of the first stories I plan to finish is Judgment, followed shortly with.....stayed tuned to find out more.


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