Submission Rules

This website welcomes every fandom writer, no matter their expertise, a home to showcase their talents.  While this website respects an author's right to write whatever genre they choose, that does not mean the archive will accept everything written in fandom. With that being said, before you submit a story, please read the following submission guidelines:


  • Writers are not perfect, (who is?) but correct grammar and spelling should be a priority for any writer.  Now, before anyone panics, I'm not talking about typos or misspelled words. I'm talking about lazy writing. Example: Using 2 instead of too, or 4ever, instead of forever.  In other words, please use the correct word, not text words.
  • All stories must be placed in the proper category, rated correctly and have appropriate warnings. Remember, we want everyone to feel welcome on this website.



*Due to several corrupt databases, some stories were lost and could not be recovered.  Writers, it wasn't because I didn't like your stories, but because the corrupted files erased them. If you have backups, contact me.*


Kaleidopy's Lair Does Not Archive:

  • RPS - (Real People Stories). Actors/actresses, sport stars, music stars, politicians, or other famous people does not matter if real person or people is visiting an alternate reality, they are not accepted on this website. We only archive fandom stories.
  • Underage characters - Absolutely no underage characters involved in a sexual relationship. These types of stories are not fan fiction. Simply put, they are nothing more than child pornography.
  • MST (Mystery Science Theater) - basically these types of stories are when someone takes another's story and inserts comments throughout it. Absolutely no mocking of other writer's works will be tolerated on this website.

If you have questions or concerns, please use the 'contact us' link and I will be glad to help you.

That's all, folks!